Winter travel in the Smokies

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There is something truly magic about the mountains in the winter, and while the annual snow fall is relatively low with an average of less than 10 inches, rain during a warm day can turn to ice when the temperature drops over night.   While we always try to proactively salt our driveways, mountain roads leading to the cabins might still have icy conditions, so we recommend AWD or 4WD drive for all our guests in January and February.  Power outages are also more likely in winter months.  Here are a few things we recommend to be prepared when staying in the Smokies in the winter.

1. Have plenty of snacks and especially drinking water available.  (As the cabins are on wells, the pumps don't work without power, so make sure you have bottled water for drinking.)  If you want help coordinating grocery delivery upon arrival, just let me know. I can help with that.  
2. Bring layers of warm clothing and at least 2 pairs of shoes
3. Know where are the extra warm blankets are in each cabin
4. Keep your cell phones charged
5. Know where the flashlights and lanterns are located
6. Have a full tank of gas in your car
7. Know where the emergency binders are in each cabin in case you need to grab a copy of the evacuation map from the back pocket
8. Have all your medicine and know where our first aid kits are 
And just for few, here are a few suggestions to keep you entertained if you find yourself snowed in at the cabin, especially if you have kids!
  • Family game night - we have games for all each at each cabin
  • Have a scavenger hunt by flashlight - most of our cabins have scavenger hunts already set up for you or create one of your own 
  • Snuggle up & watch movies in one of our cozy family rooms or theater rooms
  • Build a snowman
  • Have a snowball fight
  • Build a lean-to or bushcraft (dress accordingly to be outside)
  • Build a blanket fort (stay warm while you build)
  • Enjoy one of our fireplaces 
  • Explore outside around the cabin (again, dress accordingly)
  • Bake cookies or make no-bake cookies if the power is out
  • Color & draw pictures
  • Take pictures to captures these memories
  • Enjoy the hot tub
  • Take in the beauty of the woods and mountains around you and be sure to take pictures of it as well

Like at any time of year, there are risks when travelling.  Be informed and prepared can make handling the unexpected a breeze and even fun.  No matter what mother nature throws at you, you can make your own adventures and memories while enjoying that Magic of the Smokies in the winter.