Why Rent a Cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains in the Winter

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The Smokies Are Beautiful Anytime of Year.

You can enjoy the beauty of the Smoky Mountains any time of year. However, there are special reasons to visit during the winter months. Here are a few…

  •  It is less crowded.

This means several things for you including less traffic, less crowds both in the cities and on the National Park trails and that also means less competition for cabins which equals more money in your pocket!

  • You can avoid the bitter cold and snow.

If you live in the North, it will probably be warmer and have far less snow than at home. The average snowfall per year in Gatlinburg is less than 10 inches while for example, the average snowfall in Columbus is 28 inches, Chicago is 37 inches and Detroit is 45 inches!

  • You can come experience snow!

If you live in the South, even if it’s not snowing in the mountains, Ober Mountain makes snow and has outdoor activities for all including skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and more.  There are other fun snow activities like snow tubing at Rowdy Bear’s Smoky Mountain Snowpark where they also make real snow all winter long.

  •      Experience all the winter light fests.

Even if you missed out on getting to the mountains during the holidays, you can still enjoy the winter lights well through January or February. And since cabin rates are lower, you get all the glitter without all the cost!

  • The peace and beauty of nature during the winter is breathtaking.

With so many animals hibernating and the unobstructed views, there is something about the quiet awe of the mountains during the winter months. As long as the right precautions are taken, the most beautiful hiking can take place in the winter months. 

If you're travelling over the holidays, check out these resources for restaurants that will be open:
Pigeon Forge

Why wait? Plan your Smoky Mountain winter get-away today!