Why is it Vacation "Adventures" by Vicki?

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While we were out boating on our little lake in Wisconsin, we anchored our boat out near the middle of the lake and got ready to jump in and swim. My husband David picked up the key, the chain broke and the key went flying into the water. The floating part was still in his hand!  We were in about 15-20 foot deep water with a seaweed bottom...  We were not finding that key!  So what did we do?  I swam to shore, and was prepared to walk the mile plus back to our camper in hopes that we had the spare key there.  Luckily a kind neighbor drove me there in his golf cart, and then his sweet kids peddled me back to our boat in their paddle boat.  Luckily, only one swim and a short walk required to save the day.  This time anyways.  One day I'll share what happened the time the boat broke on the lake. It's always an "Adventure" with us.