Celebrating a Special Occasion in the Smokies

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With so many options, it can be overwhelming to make decisions to make that special occasion are you celebrating in the Smokies perfect.  Let me help you with a few pointers!

Seek advise:

It's always helpful to learn from other people's experiences.  Whether you want to reach out to me or join a local Facebook group, there are plenty of ways to gain insight.  Some Facebook groups to consider are: Fun Things to do in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Dandridge TennesseeGatlinburg & Pigeon Forge Area Advice From Locals! and ❤️ A smoky Mountain Vacation. Don't forget my guide book is also full of information.

Plan ahead:
Perhaps you want some decorations hung or don't want to spend your time waiting in line at the grocery store.  We offer a few options from simple décor to full out decorating and from grocery delivery including putting everything away to just offering advise on which grocery stores are convenient and offer curbside pick-up.  For more information about grocery stores, see our FAQ (www.vacationadventuresbyvicki.com/faq)  Or perhaps you want food catered for your special occasion.  Check out one of our local favorites that offers family sized take-out: Tony Gore's.

Embrace the beauty of the Smokies:
I might be biased, but I believe the Smoky Mountains are amongst the most beautiful places in our country. Whether it be taking a hike, exploring one of our properties or even just while driving around the area, be sure to take a moment and soak it all in. Enjoy a campfire under the stars, watch the sunrise or set from one of our porches or toast your special occasion while listening to the birds chirp.   

Capture the moment:
What better way to make these memories lifelong than by snapping pictures of it. If you don't have a photographer in your group or want to be sure everyone is included in your photos, consider hiring a location photographer.  We particularly love the work of Danielle at Awaken Photography.

Celebrating a special occasion while vacationing in the Great Smoky Mountains offers a unique and unforgettable experience.  Embrace it and enjoy!